Mongolia International University Library


Library Regulations


  • After searching for materials on the MIU Library and locating them from the bookshelves, users may check-out books with an identification card at the circulation Desk
  • check-out are limited to materials housed in periodical stack.
  • Associates of MIU who are not regular member(Teaching staff, students) of MIU should refer to borrowing
  • Borrowing
    Classification No. of Books Period
    Undergraduate 3 books 15 days
    Graduate 3 books 30 days
    Staff 3 books 30 days
    Faculty 6 books 30 days

Matters to be attended to During Check-outs

  • Proxy check-out is not allowed : check-out is permitted only with one's identification card.


  • Book can be returning at the book Return stand in the library.
  • For books whose expiration dates have not passed. 2renewals are allowed per book.
  • Overdue fines of 200 Tugrug per book are imposed from the first overdue date.
  • Please pay overdue fines at circulation desk.


  • Each material may be renewed up to two times
  • Renewals begin from the day of their request. Therefore, in order maximize the length of check-out, renew item on the date.
  • Renewal of materials is not permitted of one has unpaid overdue fines or overdue materials.

Lost and Damage of Books

  • Lost and damaged books must be reported at the circulation Desk and must be compensated with identical items.
  • When the compensation can not be made with an identical item, it should be substituted with an item of a similar subject and of comparable value.
  • Compensation period for domestic and foreign books are 10 days and 30 days respectively, and overdue penalties are imposed within this period.

Book Request

  • It is a service that allows users to personally request for purchase materials not owned by the libraries.
  • Our library will allow us to notify the requester whether or not being able to purchase books and at the time of acquisition.
  • This service does not apply to users without purchase request authority(graduated students, students on temporary leave of absence, those with overdue books, and etc)

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