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The MIU Library on the 3rd Floor Main building which maintain a collection of million volumes of books and scholarly journals in support of academic activities of the university. The Library was first established at MIU in 2003. the collection has been wanting and most of them is being acquired as a process of donation. There was quite small room for tiny collection. It is not until in August, 2007 that previous tiny library has been expanded and renovated to develop facilitation and collection relating to library. The facilities of between Reading and Reference room have been divided to manage and organize library effectively in addition, the tiny Multimedia Room has been made in library in order for students to implement visual and audible education. Through this renovation of the library, Library service can be more accessible to the student and staff in MIU University. Our university library is to organize service that it not only collects, manages, preserves archives books and other forms of material but also provide this collection of information, which is to be the result of human academic achievement, and research efforts, to faculty and students efficiently and accurately. The mission of our library is to be implemented with the provision of available collections in various formats such as academic, research journal, full-text databases, e-journals to support research and academic activities of the University. To achieve its mission to serve as the heart of the university, MIU is continuing to put in efforts to support the research functions and to provide academic information with efficiency and effectiveness.

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